Have you ever wondered how Judas, the infamous betrayer of Jesus, became one of the twelve apostles? The Bible does not give a specific account of his calling, but we know that Jesus intentionally chose him. Despite Judas’ ulterior motives and eventual betrayal, God had a greater plan for his actions to bring about the salvation of humanity.

Judas’ Betrayal Foretold

Even before Judas’ betrayal, King David prophesied about it in Psalm 41:9, which Jesus later quoted in John 13:18. This shows that God knew about the betrayal long before it happened, and He allowed it to take place as a means to bless us. While betrayal can be painful and damaging, God can use it for our growth and transformation, leading us to a deeper understanding of His love and grace.

The Enigmatic Persona of Judas

Judas’ background and persona made him stand out as an outsider among the chosen twelve. Bible scholars note that he never had a spiritual interest in Jesus and likely associated with him for selfish reasons. However, Jesus still allowed him to be a part of His inner circle, knowing from the beginning that Judas would be the one to betray Him.

Judas and the Redemptive Power of Christ

While Judas’ betrayal caused immense pain and suffering, it played a crucial role in the salvation of humanity. Just as Jesus’ death on the cross redeemed humanity from sin, Judas’ betrayal opened the door for Jesus to be worthy of all praise for all of humanity. Our moments of betrayal and hardship can serve as opportunities for growth and transformation, leading us to a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace.

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