Betrayal is a universal experience that can profoundly impact our lives. It can leave us feeling hurt, depressed, and angry, and can even lower our self-esteem. But what do we do in those moments of betrayal? As Christians, how do we respond?

The Bread of Betrayal teaches us that there is no power until betrayal comes to our table. Betrayal can set in motion the mechanism we need to complete what we have set out to do in our lives. Just as Judas betrayed Jesus, setting in motion the completion of what Jesus came to earth to do, our betrayals can also lead to fulfilling God’s purposes in our lives.

How do you move on?

But how do we move forward from the pain of betrayal? It begins with our response. Instead of seeking revenge or lashing out, we must turn to God and allow Him to heal us. We must recognize that God is setting us up for something bigger and better and that betrayal is necessary in our journey.

This principle can be seen throughout the Bible, where betrayals intended for evil ultimately turned out for the good and the fulfillment of God’s purposes. And just as Jesus used the moment of His betrayal to deliver a message of hope and redemption, we, too, can use our betrayals to grow stronger in our faith and trust in God’s plan for our lives.

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