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In this episode of Prophecology: The Podcast, Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan is joined by special guest Kwame Kilpatrick. 

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Instagram Feed

First course 🍽‼️#countdownto63rd #heymasterchef👋🏾 ...

First course 🍽‼️#countdownto63rd #heymasterchef👋🏾 ...

The Tasting 🍱‼️ #HeyMasterChef👋🏾 ...

The Tasting 🍱‼️ #CountdownTo63rd #PowerOfProphecy #heymasterchef👋🏾 ...

I ran into my beloved friend of 40 years ago. @[101979095304927:Bishop George C. Searight] Great to see those still working for the Lord after 40 years. ...

The power of maintenance when you want to stand it it will take you a long way ...

An Affirmation from my mentor Rev. Ike:

I open my mind to the presence of God in me, the Divine Perfection within me.

I unlearn sickness and I learn health.

I unlearn sadness and I learn happiness.

I unlearn hatred and I learn Love.

I unlearn failure and I learn Success.

I unlearn poverty and I learn prosperity.

I AM one with the Divine perfection within me.

Thank you, God in me.

Comment PROSPERITY if you agree!

Time to eat

Look at what the presence of God has manifested through me. The car angel has blessed me with the new Rolls-Royce Ghost ...