The story of Jesus and Judas has been told countless times. It is a story of betrayal, salvation, love, hate, hope, and despair. Jesus chose Judas to be one of his disciples, knowing fully that he would betray him. In this blog, we will explore the priesthood of Judas, his profile, and the meanings of his name.


Judas may have been the betrayer of Jesus, but he was also the one who handed him over to be sacrificed on the cross. In a way, Judas was like a priest offering up a sacrifice to God. His betrayal was necessary for the salvation of humanity. Jesus knew that Judas would betray him, yet he chose him to be one of his disciples. In doing so, Jesus demonstrated that even the worst of sinners could be used by God to accomplish his purposes.


Judas is often seen as the epitome of human disaster, a misfit among the other disciples. He is considered one of the top antagonists in the Bible, and his name has become a metaphor for betrayal. His betrayal of Jesus is mentioned 40 times in the New Testament, reminding him of his sin each time. However, Judas’ role in the story of salvation cannot be overlooked.


Judas’ name speaks of praise and place. His name means “praise,” after Judah, the fourth son of Jacob, through whom Christ would come. However, Judas never gave Jesus praise.

Judas’ potential origin from Kerioth is intriguing because it would have set him apart as the only disciple, not a Galilean. This would have further emphasized his outsider status among the chosen twelve. The combination of his background, personality, and infamous act of betrayal makes him a complex and fascinating figure in the biblical narrative.

However, despite his role in Jesus’ death, the story of Judas also reveals a profound truth about the redemptive power of Christ’s sacrifice. Our moments of betrayal and hardship can serve as opportunities for growth and transformation, leading us to a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace. Just as Judas’ betrayal ultimately played a crucial role in the salvation of humanity, so can our experiences of betrayal and hardship be used for a greater purpose.

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