Betrayal is one of the most painful experiences we can ever encounter. It is a feeling of being let down by someone we thought we could trust, leaving us vulnerable and exposed. However, as Christians, we know God uses everything for good, even the darkest moments in our lives. We can see this in the story of Judas, the infamous disciple who betrayed Jesus.

The Purpose of Betrayal

Zechariah even predicted the exact price of betrayal, showing to us that Judas’ betrayal was not any form of victory for Satan. God was prepared to use it as part of His rescue mission for humanity. In the same way, the betrayals you experience in your life are never the enemy’s victory over you. Yes, they may be attacks that Satan intended to harm you, but God permitted them to take place for His more significant plans and purpose for your life and His Kingdom.

Judas’ Choice

Even though Jesus chose Judas to be one of His disciples, Judas never had any spiritual interest in Him. It is possible that at the beginning, Judas expected Jesus the Messiah to be an influential religious and political leader, and he had selfish reasons for wanting to associate himself with Him. Despite this, Jesus allowed Judas to be part of His inner circle. He even alluded to His betrayal a year or more before it occurred, knowing that Judas would reject the choice to be saved.

The Paradox of Betrayal

Judas’ rejection of Christ offers the same paradox for how humans receive Jesus as Lord and Savior with an act of their will. Yet, every believer was also predestined to be His before the foundation of the world. In other words, Judas had the opportunity to accept or reject Christ, even when Christ planned for the disbelief and rejection that would characterize His disciple and their role in advancing the Kingdom of God. These outwardly contradictory truths are resolved only in the mind of God.

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