The story of Judas Iscariot is a tragic one. He was one of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus, yet he chose to betray Him for personal gain. But even in this act of betrayal, God’s sovereign plan was at work. He already knew that Judas would betray Jesus, and He had predetermined his successor among the twelve.

God’s predetermined will allowed for the death of Jesus to redeem humanity, just as it allowed Matthias to take Judas’s place among the twelve disciples. The apostles were restored, and the group was made complete again.

When someone betrays us and leaves our life, it can be a painful experience. But we can take comfort in knowing that just as God restored the twelve apostles, He will also provide someone to fill in the gap that the betrayer left.

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In conclusion, God’s plan for succession after betrayal teaches us that even when someone leaves our life because of betrayal, God will restore and provide someone else to fill the gap. Just as He chose Matthias to take Judas’s place, He will also provide a way for us to move forward and fulfill our purpose.

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