Fatherless exists because of the inability to draw near to the child. The fatherless lacks the presence of father.  In the same way, that the widow lacks the presence of a husband.

Presence matters to human beings. Presence is also a choice.

An adoptive father restores the fatherless to a position of privilege and protection. The same happens when a man marries a widow.  All people groups do well to have loving relationships and a source of strength and encouragement.

The Significance of a Loving Presence

A loving presence sets relationships up for success. God’s action commands from scripture that to reach the fatherless demand a presence. According to Dr. Beth Erickson, an author on the ungodly act of fatherlessness, Longing for Dad: Father Loss and Its impact: 

All father hunger springs from one main source: desertion. A father’s abdication may be total or emotional or what the individual experiences as desertion. There are seven specific causes of father loss: death, divorce, single mothering, adoption, addiction, abuse and traditional fathering. The common element with all but one is the father’s choice to absent himself.

As a Father, God listens patiently with us. In the same way, the father’s presence is felt when there are opportunities for him to listen to his children. If you looked at the accounts when God heard human beings, you’d notice that God is particular as to what He hears.

Several times in scripture, God says He hears the “cry” of the widow and orphan, and it will cause Him to be angry (Exo. 3:7, Job 29:12). In the same way, the father must be the one who hears the cries of his family and address their pain.  

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