It is easy to see just how bad the status of fatherlessness is in our generation. With the increasing rate of premarital births and the rising rate of divorce, many children live with just one person. It grew from 9.1% to 20.7% from 1960 to 2012, with 55.1% black children, 31.1% Hispanic children, and 20.7% white children living in solo-parent homes.17 Sociologists and psychologists pointed out the destructive impact of fatherlessness on generations when there is a high rate of fatherlessness.  

God values the family. God has a destiny for each family because He is a generational God. It speaks of familial concerns that go beyond our lifetime and present knowledge. God’s message to Jonah, who was nursing his present-day biases and prejudice,18 focused on His justice and compassion to be visited the fourth generation,19, as well as His covenant promises to up to 1000 generations.


God-worth is not self-worth. It is how we treat all individuals around us. It’s another way of affirming the image of God in all peoples, regardless of where they came from and what they have done. In a generation with overwhelming want, we often meet one need, only to ignore another. The fatherless, unfortunately, have no spiritual and financial authority to govern them. The mother’s role is not to be the spiritual head and provider of the family, and when she steps up to do this, there will be a struggle because it was not how she was designed to operate.  

In ancient Bible times, olives, grain, and grapes were left for the poor. However, they were to work and to gather for their food. If a poor slave, alien, widow, or orphan needed to eat, there was the provision, but there were no handouts. They’d need to harvest the fruit.

In a community, dignity is preserved when the poor are allowed to provide for themselves. The work of one’s hands is considered something to be proud of. The original design is for fatherhood is to give his children dignity by first providing for him and then by giving him an inheritance so he can work and provide for himself and his future family.  

Fatherlessness costs

Fatherlessness steals the protection, provision, and opportunities from children. In essence, fatherlessness decreases the orphans’ dignity in society. They find themselves standing alone and abandoned. It robs orphans of an inheritance that should have secured them a stable future.   

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