A Company of Prophets Join Together to Pray for Nations Around the World Affected By The Pandemic


New York, NY (March 19, 2020) Zoe Ministries Inc. indefinitely launches a 24-hour Prophetic Revival conference call starting Thursday, March 19, 2020, at 12 a.m. As fear and disbelief caused by the hysteria and panic of world news continues to hasten, founders Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan and Pastor Debra Jordan have decided to create a spirit-filled, safe and peaceful place of solace for people coping with the impact of COVID-19. Leading from the future, Zoe Ministries Inc. already has four daily conference calls at 12 a.m. (Midnight Cry Prayer Call), 9 a.m. (Conference Call with Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan), 12 p.m. (P.O.P. Life Radio) and 8 p.m. (Conference Call with Minister Joshua Jordan), so they decided to extend their calls to be available for 24-hours for everyone all around the world. 


For the 24-hour Prophetic Revival conference call, Prophets from around the world have taken shifts to be a prophetic voice for those who are in need of prayer and support. There are some calls that will provide technical support for those who need additional help logging into their online ministry accounts or mobile applications. 


In 1988, Master Prophet Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan wrote a book called “Written Judgment” which consists of four volumes. In this book, he prophesied about different major events that have happened in this nation and those that shall come to pass. One of those major events is the current global crisis, “Coronavirus”. 


In Written Judgment Volume 3, it states, 


“This is the hour that plagues shall consume a vast number of people in Europe. These plagues shall overrun their boundaries, and shall sweep the Earth with a terror and vengeance that shall be greater than the Bubonic plague,” saith the Lord. “The hour is swiftly approaching that viruses will appear one after the other that will baffle and mock the efforts of the medical industry. I will cause those nations that have created diseases for the purpose of evil to taste of their own bitter medicine. Their judgment shall now visit the governments that have funded the creation of this nightmare, and they will taste the harvest upon their own shores,” saith the Lord.”


Join Zoe Ministries Inc., Master Prophet Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan, Pastor Debra Jordan and the company of prophets for this 24-hour Prophetic Revival Conference call by dialing 515-604-9266. 


For more information, call our Partner Care Line 888-831-0434.