Whatever soup you are in right now, you picked it, you served it up, you threw the spices in it, and you are in it stewing as long as you are sitting it. When you get tired of it, you will jump out of that pot and create a new stew for you to sit in. Whatever mess you are in right now, you made that pot. You create your reality in life whether good or bad. Every businessperson knows for sure that they create their own reality in life. Once you accept that truth you can begin to develop and learn valuable lessons about prosperity, knowing that your prosperity depends largely on you. Nothing can remain in your life unless you continue to give it a standing ovation. Every time you give it a standing ovation, it keeps coming out on the stage of your life, continuing to bow. That is why the curtain will not drop, because you will not sit down and stop giving it your hand. Some of you have trials in your life because you have an encore going on in your mind. What you pay attention to you buy with your mind. What you magnify in your mind always gets bigger and bigger.


That is why I never concern myself with a person’s past. I really do not want to know what you went through. I’d much rather you tell me about what God brought you out of, by testifying of your victory. Stop giving an encore to frivolous or even major concerns that happen in your life. You may have seen what happens after a concert is finished. If the performing artist were really good, the audience will stand up and begin clapping enthusiastically until people come back out and begin performing again.  If the people don’t clap, no one comes back out on stage. When you stop paying attention to certain things, in time it’ll die. I do not want to know that you were in sin for twenty years. By doing that, you keep giving that thing an encore. That theater in your mind is going to open back up. You get a performance every time you pay for it. There is a price for every ticket, and the only price you have to pay is attention. Once you give attention to

it, that thing opens up. You want to shut a show down that is going on in your life, stop paying the purchase price of the ticket, called attention. Individuals that are in your life, that are giving you drama right now, the only reason they are still there is because you are paying them attention. If you ignore them and do not pay attention, they will stop performing for you. Pay attention to profitable quarters and you’ll have many more. Keep focusing on the bad quarter, or year that you had and you will summons the noxious spirit of lack and decrease to perform in your business, until you are totally out of business for good.




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