One thing that needs to be known is this: The prophet teaches you how to profit. Many people view the prophet as a person that foretells future events.  That is true, but the prophet’s function goes far beyond simply forecasting events. Some years ago, I was doing an interview with a secular tabloid, the Sun. They were very interested in the whole topic of prophecy. They wanted to know about some predictions, and I told them about a prediction and what I was seeing. Intrigued, the man interviewing me stayed on the phone with me for about an hour.


He asked me what the difference was between a prophet and a psychic. I told him that the psychic gives information while the prophet gives impartation. He asked what impartation meant. I told him that impartation meant that God empowers you, and gives you, the ability to change, if you do not like what has been imparted to you. The best a psychic can do, is tell you what is going to happen. Many of them do that well. But don’t expect them to ask you to bow your head and pray. The psychic will not ask you to call on the Name of Jesus. The psychic can only tell you what is going to happen. The prophet, being connected to God, will see that you can begin to move into a divine intervention. When the prophet told Hezekiah, “You shall surely die.” Hezekiah understood the laws that govern prophetic utterances. So he turned his face to the wall and prayed, and God added 15 years to his life, reversing the prophecy, because destiny is never left up to chance. There is always a choice. It’s one thing to hear that you or a loved one is going to die.  It’s a totally different thing when you realize that you can avert death all together, by listening to the voice of the prophet.


Business professionals will come to realize that the true men and women of God are those that speaks forth words of profit over their business, causing supernatural growth to occur. When you are sincerely ready for financial growth you will find for yourself a prophet, someone that can declare the word of the Lord over your life, to help you manage through extremely trying times. The Word of the Lord always yields a profit.


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Have you ever asked a prophet for financial advice? Why not?