Even in nature everything must be fully expressed. Every fall season, leaves prepare to bloom and blossom and come forth. They are boasting their fullest expression. They are not going to apologize because their beautiful showcase may eclipse your window. They are not going to apologize because they are going to be blocking the view of the neighbor’s house I want to across the street. The leaves won’t apologize because of their flashiness and flamboyance. They have no need to. The tree and the leaves on its branches are only in full expression. God put within every person on earth this same desire to have a full expression of life.


You are not simply supposed to be in business, you are supposed to represent the best of the businesses in your field. Don’t settle for giving a donation every now and then. Become the world’s largest donor.  It’s not enough to only provide for your family, just your children.  See yourself taking care of villages of children, and support hundreds and even thousands of children all over the world.  Go beyond your limited surrounding and tap into the limitless reality that is really the only reality and live out your fullest expression in life. There was nothing about Jesus that was limited. Jesus went everywhere with an entourage of twelve disciples. He also had another group of seventy that followed Him also. He had a large staff of professionals that helped him to manage his business. Everything that He did, He did it in a fully expressed way. Even at His crucifixion, people were gambling for His clothing. Now when was the last time someone gambled for someone’s clothing, that you knew of? They were casting lots for His garments, not His whole wardrobe, just the garments He was wearing at the time. Jesus lived large, and lived life out loud not caring about what people would think. He realized that the universe is a great substance, a great living presence, always moving inherently towards more life and fuller functioning. Because He was connected to that original substance He would have to live out His fullest expression.


Nature is formed for the advancement of life. Its impelling motive is the increase of life. Something should be impelling you from within to live unless you are dead. What is impelling you? You are not kept poor by lack in the supply of riches. The form of supply is at the command of the man or woman, who will act and be a certain way. The only reason you do not have is because you refuse to act and think in a certain manner.


There is a certain way that millionaires think, and there is certain ways poor people think. All I can do is teach you the way. It is up to you to walk therein. Everything walks, acts and lives in a certain way, and, because of the way they walk, act and live, they produce things a certain way. What way are you in?


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