No man is poor because nature is poor, or because there is not enough to go around. Nature does not even represent or comprehend poverty. Nature is an inexhaustible straw house of riches. The supply will never run out. Nature knows no lack. Original substance is alive with creative energy and is constantly producing more forms. Once you learn the secret of this thing that you have that can create more forms, you will begin creating more forms. You will also control the forms you are creating.


Understand that what is forming around you is forming because of you. The universal forms have been made by formless living substance throwing itself into form wherein it gets its fullest expression. The universe is a great living presence. The universe is always looking to function on a fuller dimension. The universe is seeking a fuller expression. You are a universe. Because you are a universe, you too are always looking for fuller expression. That is why you get frustrated within; with the way your life is, because you are not fully expressed.

The reason you get frustrated in because you are in sin. You perpetually fall short of the mark, causing you to live beneath your privilege. So you are supposed to be mad. Sin, which is missing the mark, causes you to never be at peace. It causes you to live average and below average. You are supposed to get upset with mediocrity. You are supposed to be asking yourself the question, every moment of the day, why you are not more fully expressed in the dimension that the Father has demanded you to express. When you choose to not become all that you were intended to be on earth, your life will always suffer lack and you will always be a problem in the lives of others, because you are out of proper placement.



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