There is a proper way and an improper way of asking for the things that you desire in life. If you are not receiving your desired results, it is only There is a proper way and an improper way of asking for the things that you desire in life. If you are not receiving your desired results, it is only because you are not asking correctly. Some of you keep saying that you are rich, but your bank account says that you are poor; your lifestyle suggests that you are poor, and you are living just above the poverty line. You have a job, and you are happy for your job, and we too celebrate your job. Everyone needs to have work.  However, you will never get rich working a job. J.O.B. is an acronym that means,  “Just over broke.”


To get out of the rut of being a slave to a wage and into the realm of riches, not only do you have to develop an entrepreneur spirit, but you also must begin to ask the right questions in life. You still ask, “Why is it that I am not prospering the way I should, Bishop Jordan?” The answer to that is quite simple. You have not asked properly. You have not asked in consciousness. In order to receive anything in life, especially things of great value, you have to ask in consciousness.

These people draw near to Me with their mouth, and honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.

Matthew 15:8


You have asked with your lips, but your heart is far from God. Let me go slowly. I realize that you may be new to this kind of unconventional teaching. I’m ever learning that one of the mistakes mystical teachers make is to give you too much too soon. As it relates to spiritual growth, some of you are fat but you are not growing. There is a major difference between church fat and church growth. Everything that is big is not growing up healthily. It might be growing out, but it’s growing fat. You know that fat is a killer. So, everything that looks like growth is not growth.


Proper discernment will help you to recognize when something is growing healthy from growing fat. Even with a piece of beef, it is only after you trim the fat that you are left with the quality part of the cow. Sunday morning attendance in most churches does not represent the quality and strength of that church. The bible study is really the actual reflection of the church’s strength.  You can have 10,000 plus members on a Sunday morning, yet on mid-week Bible teaching you only can attract 300 to 400 serious students at best.  Some pastors deceive themselves into believing that their churches are growing strong, but they are only buying into the “masses theology,” which never produces disciples, only retarded babies.  Sadly, retarded children can never learn how to ask properly, and are forced to stay in the condition that they are in forever. People always have to give them everything, even things that they may not really need or want. When you have a poverty mindset, you aim to accumulate mass amounts of junk over the years. The poverty mindset is always concerned with more. It looks like you have a lot, but you are fat. The business minded person reaches for quality, not only quantity. Quantity is not a bad thing; it just should not be your ultimate aim. So you want more? What exactly do you want more of? Just because you have a whole lot of this or that does not mean God is blessing you. Our church could easily attract the masses, but I realize that it really wouldn’t be growth. The fact that we are on television, I could easily fill up the studio with faces for the camera’s sake. That would definitely look great for our national audience, wouldn’t it?


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Are you growing fat or growing healthily?