When you disappear the past, then you are no longer resisting it. A lot of times, we have horrible experiences that we wish to forget. We do so by rejecting it, by trying to forget it, or by hoping it never happens to us. However, whatever we resist, persists.


When we are trying to fix the past or change it, then we find ourselves living our “present” according to the past, rather than the future. This is something we must deal with individually for you to make sure you create a future that is full of possibility for humanity.

You can create a future that gives you a current era that is full of life. Even if disappearing the past does not change your current circumstances, you will be able to see it from a new light. When you move in this spirit, then you become a cause of breakthrough and possibility, not only for yourself but also for your relationships, your family, your groups, your organizations, your society, and humanity. Werner Erhard tells

us, “It is the future into which you are living that gives you being and action in the

present, even with your current circumstances.”



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What is the future you want to live into?