Every person is unique and different. Each person has his own talents, abilities and qualities that set him apart from the others. As we all have power instilled inside us. It includes the power to change.


In Ron Smothermon’s book, Transformation #1, he defined “Transformation” as a change in value rather than a change in form. According to him, “Transvaluation” is a better word for it and it is not accepted in our language” (Smothermon, 1982, p.5). “Everyone is subject to transformation. After all, as the saying goes, the only constant thing in this world is change. It is a non-negotiable in life. Everyone experiences and goes through such. We, as finite beings are to accept this fact. The very fact that we are finite is something that makes us subject to finding our own purpose in life. In fact, everyone is committed to having the experience of expanded value in his life” (Smothermon, 1982, p.5).


As a person, we get to have dreams and aspirations. In line with this truth, there is an innate thing in us to transform — to be better than before, to reach the unreachable and to experience the new.


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