Who you are will affect your relationships, your families, the organizations and societies you belong to and humanity as a whole. Yes, it will. Why? Because you matter. You cause things into existence.  This is why it is so important for you to be a space for possibility so that you can usher in breakthroughs for humanity. You cannot be a space for possibility unless you disappear the past. Your past must disappear in order for you to have a created future that you desire.



You may come to a point of confusion, asking yourself, how can it be possible for the future to not be affected by the past, in your being and action in the present? The future you are living into gives you being and action in the present. However, if you put your past in the future, it will appear as though who you are in the present is given by your past. Imagine that your life is categorized into filing cabinets. You have cabinets for the past, the present, and the future. If you file what belongs in the bottom drawer, into the top drawer, then you get a future that looks like the past, because you have filed the past in the future. It is a matter of filing things in their respective drawers. This is how transformation can freely take place.



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What is in your past, present, and future cabinets?