Channeling Our Inner Strength  

There are a variety of additional channels through which we can direct the inner power necessary to say “no.”

Divert your attention

The first step is to identify a constructive way to divert your attention. Refuse to give in to temptation and find something else to occupy your mind afterward. Don’t simply say no. Prevent yourself from dwelling on the attraction that you are presented with. Pick a diversion you have a good chance of enjoying just as much.

Consider the consequences

Making a list of the repercussions of our actions is another approach to tapping into our inner strength and channeling it. This is related to what was stated before about stimulating the thinking brain and, as a result, taming the limbic brain, which controls emotions.

For illustration’s sake, let’s pretend that you realize that you’re experiencing such intense emotional needs. It’s tempting you to have an affair with another person. Take a minute to consider how this might impact you personally. What about the others in your life, such as your family, friends, and even your present partner?

Meditate and practice mindfulness

Third, practices like meditation and mindfulness have been shown to boost one’s ability to resist temptation and say “no” to decisions that are detrimental to one’s health. Find a line of scripture that speaks to your life and memorize it so that you can recite it whenever you feel like you are experiencing a “thorn in the flesh” or a period of weakness.

Give yourself permission to contemplate and concentrate on the Word of God. Remember that the Bible instructs us to continually reflect on the Word of God, just as it says in Joshua 1:8; this is to ensure that we carry out every command outlined in the book.


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