Do You Crave What You Consume?  

The Story of One’s Life  

Every individual has a “life story.” A life story is typically made up of experiences from our lives. These events are beyond our control and are unavoidable. Such occurrences can include the time and place of our birth, the family we were born into, and our early experiences. However, the “life story” we are discussing does not only include uncontrollable events in our lives. It also includes our default interpretation of the events in our lives.

Ways of thinking that come naturally to us perpetuate our life stories. These thought processes have become so automatic because we have become accustomed to them. These habitual ideas have robbed us of the ability to understand that there is another way to live and that, if we willed it, another story could exist.

Keisha’s Story

Consider the case of a woman named Keisha. She has this innate thought that she should not allow herself to be too happy since something in life will always take her happiness away. She recently established a relationship with a decent man, but she was also fired from her job, began to struggle financially, and was the only one in her family to catch the illness. “I cannot be too happy because life will always happen to tear that happiness away from me,” Keisha says of her life narrative.

Brad’s Story

Another case in point is a man named Brad, whose life is usually a whirlwind. He wonders why he never seems to get a chance to take a break or go on vacation. Why is it that he is always swamped with work – he is permanently assigned the most complex tasks at work, he is always the one on whom his family relies for crises, and he is always the one from whom his friends want loans?  Brad’s life story is as follows: “Life is a tornado I can’t get out of.”

These people believe that they have been thrust into and are trapped in this world. They think that life happens to them without comprehending that every one of us can direct our lives. Moreover, these people have a specific tale in their lives, and they invariably play the role that perpetuates that story.

Unfortunately, they are unaware that another story exists and that we can choose to live differently. In the case of Keisha, she may believe that she cannot be too joyful because something will happen to make her unhappy. But isn’t it possible that something positive may occur in the middle of her life’s tragic tragedies? Or, in the instance of Brad, his decisions have turned his life into a tornado. But if he consciously wills it to take on less work and develops the art and talent of saying no to requests, energy will be less of a whirlwind.


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