Come close, “idea of money,” that I might feel you to see if you are really the divine idea of money. Don’t allow the enemy of your mind to snatch your feelings away from you. Maybe you have a negative cousin who said, “Who are you to think you can live like that?” Other relatives might say that you aren’t rich now, and you never will be. What they say doesn’t matter. Keep yourself clothed with that feeling within. I had loved ones in my family who knew I was the wrong one for the life I’m living now when I was just getting started living it. I remember living in apartments, driving Flintstone-mobiles and wearing second-hand or clearance rack clothes. Even then, I was calling myself rich. Even when it was a strain to give a $100 seed.


The Lord has been faithful, hasn’t He? He has not put me to shame. I believe, the same God I believe is the same Lord Jesus Christ who is going to create in you a new hope for your future. What you have right now, and where you are right now, or what people say about you right now are irrelevant, as long as in your heart and mind, you have faith in what is unseen. You are sure in your heart of the things you’re hoping for.


You are in your situation right now, not because God is late, or because God is a liar, or because God is not good. You are in this situation, so you can give glory to God. People can see how it is only God who can turn your situation around into something so opposite, something so wonderful, that people would not be able to deny you are serving the One True God. Are you ready for this responsibility?


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Ask God for the confidence to overcome difficulties.