If you give personality to a lie, the lie must act in your life. I started having more victory in my life as soon as I stopped blaming the enemy for everything that is wrong with my life. If I preach at a church and say the devil is a liar, the church may understand what I’m saying on one level, but I mean it on another. For those of us who operate in divine insight, we know the devil is the enemy of our minds. The Bible tells us to give no place to who? The devil.


The only place the devil has in your life is the place you give it with your attention. If you talk the devil up, you will experience the devil. You will experience a lie—but it is a lie you are giving power.


Jacob says his father will feel him. Father will also feel you. He always feels you, but you must feel, first. You receive the blessings you feel. If you are a pauper in spirit, saying, “I don’t have,” you will never have.


For whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an

abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken

away from him (Matthew 13:12).


What shall you declare to the Lord about your being? Who are you? Write down your “I  Am’s” right now. Are you really aware of what you desire to become? You feel it in your heart, but have you ever truly listened to it?


Have you ever really focused on what you are making the Father feel? Are you feeling like a worthless loser in poverty? How come? Jesus purchased you with the highest price — his blood. What do you think the Father will feel when you think you’re anything other than a redeemed, righteous, and hold child of God?


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