You can’t play the part; you have to be the part. This is not a thing to be played with, and until you are in the consciousness of being, you will miss out on whatever it is you want. We who become metaphysicians—and I say this in the spirit of Reverend Ike’s teachings—don’t believe in the devil, because Jesus stated the devil was a liar from the beginning. If it’s a lie, why mention it? Why give it time? Instead of talking about the devil, we talk about enemies of our minds. The devil is simply a thought that is contrary to the divine thought of God.


You cannot be something by just doing and having things. You cannot be rich just by working hard and saving every penny you get. A lot of people work hard. A lot of people save money. They’re not rich. How come? The same reason you won’t become a dog if you start barking. Actions cannot change your nature. Only nature can change your actions and your possessions.

Prosperity is a mindset. Abundance is a state of being. Jesus did not come to give you

abundance. He came to give you a life of abundance — a state of being. Abundance is not something you can “receive”, it’s something you need to become. Do you believe you are an abundant being? Begin to feel what it feels like to be abundant. Use your imagination — it’s a powerful tool. Imagine what it feels like. Visualize. Pretend. Create this feeling into your reality.



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