Reverend Ike used to teach that it was important to get emotional in prayer. Get emotional about the thing you’re feeling.  Do you pray like you’re simply going through the motions? Do you pray as if you just want the task done, so you can tell the Lord, “God, I prayed today. I did my part. Do yours.” But you were not there. You were not really present. Your emotions were flat.


The Doral Inn was a hotel at 49th Street and Lexington Avenue right across from the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. We felt like we were supposed to be having services on Lexington Avenue. We had some rich white members at the time, and I told them we wanted to move into Manhattan and that I needed them to do was easier to have rich white men negotiate with other rich white men.


When negotiations were over, it was time for me to sign the contract. When I arrived, their mouths dropped, and the woman in the room said, “No.” I’ll never forget it. She said to the white men who had done the negotiating on my behalf, “Listen. This isn’t what you told me.” I said, “We’re going to sign this contract. And we’re in here for the next six months. And you’re going to honor this price.”


People around you may be saying “no” too, but you need to take your stand. You cannot let the giants overpower you. David was not supposed to be “the guy” to fight Goliath. But he was the only one who felt he can beat him. This feeling made all the difference, didn’t it? It made the difference for him, for Israel, and for history of humanity. Just because he had the audacity to trust what he felt he can do.


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Ask God for the audacity to claim your prayer requests by faith.