Your dreams will never be experienced in life, unless you have plenty of money, Again, because of the wrong information most individuals believe that money is made through long hours, overtime, and hard manual labor. That’s not how money is made. That is how the human body gets torn down. Money first has to begin in your consciousness. The reason so many ministries fail is because most ministers do not realize that you cannot even do ministry unless you have money. You cannot have a strong prophetic ministry if you have no money. Why, because no one will hear you. Get out of the box that limits you! Settle it in your heart right now, that you must have money! You must have money to become the possessor of things. Let me tell you what religion did. Religion told you that you can be blessed, but in the same sentence it also told you not to want money. There’s confusion in that statement.


If you do not have money, you cannot be the possessor of things, which is God ultimate aim for you and I.  Money is merely a means of exchange, exchanging your money for things that may be of greater value. You have to become a master negotiator, and your negotiation will help you to know how to generate value in yourself and in others.



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What do you think are the qualities of a master negotiator?