Some time ago, a Jewish man, learned in Cabalistic studies, told me a story. He said there was a king who asked his friend, “How much are you worth?” The friend replied, “Give me three days and I will come back and tell you how exactly how much I am worth.” When he came back, his friend reported, “I’m worth 2.3 million dollars.” The king furiously rebutted saying, “How could you tell me something so crazy as that?” With that the king threw his friend in jail. The king’s reason for putting his friend in prison was that he knew that his friend owned many properties, some spanning entire city blocks, adding up all of this massive real estate would be far more than a mere 2.3 million dollars. So he went to jail for lying.  While in jail, the king paid his friend a visit, and wanted to know why he would commit such an atrocious act of lying to the king.  He asked, “Why didn’t you just tell me the truth about your worth?  You have many assets, more than anyone in my kingdom.  Why would you try and deceive me?”  Without flinching one bit, his friend stood his ground answering, “I told the truth you majesty, that is all I am worth. I can even prove it to you. Since I’ve been in this prison you have seized all of my assets. I do not have access to my bank accounts; I cannot buy nor sell my own property, which I worked hard to obtain. Furthermore, I cannot even see my real estate since I’m locked up in this horrible cell. Your government has taken it all back from me.” He continued, “However the one thing that I do have, the only thing that cannot be repossessed is the seed that I’ve sown.  There is no way for you to take that away from me.  I have given 2.3 million dollars away, and have sown the money with a goodly conscience. So I do know for sure that I am worth this amount. The material assets are too volatile for me to invest  my confidence in. The houses, the vehicles, and the bank accounts really did not belong to me. If they did, you could not take them away.” “You can never take away my seed, that is what I am worth.” I ask you, “How much are you worth?”  You may say, “Well, I’m worth about $100,000, since you earn $100,000.00 annually. If that is what you are basing your decision on, you are really busted. You are only worth that which you have given away. This is why every businessperson should fully endorse and demonstrate the principle of tithing. Tithing is the only way to be worth more than what you actually own, since tithing multiplies manifold riches into your life in an exponential way. All of the things that you think you own, the IRS can come in and take it away, whether legitimately or illegitimately. You can even lose your property in a lawsuit. But your true worth, that which you have given away to charity and to spiritual things cannot be taken away. Knowing this, it would make far better sense, financial sense, to begin to give money away, to give as much as you can, to goodly causes and Godly causes to increase your worth.


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