Life is like an elevator. If you do not push your own buttons to the floor you want to get off on, somebody else will. Somebody is pushing your buttons. Some of you may not have known that there is a life outside of the elevator. You have just been riding the elevator of life, up and down, and you have been so backwards you have been calling the elevator a train. You and no one else but you, must order the things for your life that is to come about in your life. What have you ordered for your life?


You and no one else but you, must order the things for your life that is to come about in your life. The man, who owns everything he wants in life, is truly rich. Make sure that you live life to the highest potential, or the highest level, generating an income that matches your passion and desire. It is time to live! Every person naturally wants to become all that he is capable of becoming. This desire to realize innate possibilities is inherent in human nature. We cannot help wanting to be all that we can be. You have within you the desire to want more, because in you is the seed of God that is demanding its own expression. You cannot help it. God puts the craving in you to desire the best in life.

Stop trying to fight it. Don’t resist it. You cannot help wanting to be all that you can be. The reason is because you are filled with destiny. You are filled with divine life. Because of that, you have an appetite for the finer things of life. You just can’t help it. God has put that desire in you, and your life will never feel full and satisfied until you live out the desire that He put in your heart in the first place. Your job on this planet and on this plain is to empty yourself of every desire before you die.


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