When Pharaoh had an odd dream that no one could interpret, Joseph was able to give an interpretation from the Lord. The Pharaoh asked Joseph what they should do about the seven years of lack. He was former inmate, and the most powerful person in the land was asking him what to do.


What did Joseph say? Take a fifth of the harvest of Egypt during the seven years of abundance (Gen. 41:34). Joseph instituted a 20% tax in the bountiful season in order for Egypt to have something to draw from in the years of lack.

The 20% is an investment that people should store up in their own barn. If we take 20% over seven years, then we would have enough to provide for us during the difficult times. It’s a biblical concept that Joseph instituted.


The tithes and the târumah are less than the 20%, they are the 10% and 2.5%. Be wise enough to obey the Word of God. Tithing and offering does not make you financially liquid, but they place you in a position of blessing. It allows you to store up blessings in heaven, and it causes you to remember who your true Source is.


When it comes to your eternity, it is better to be prepared. You don’t want to play Russian roulette on your whole financial future over theological concepts you have issues with.


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