Grace is distinguished as the divine favor of God that He extends to those who stand guilty to die before the divine law. There is a need for grace because no one can save himself from eternal death. It required the love and sacrifice of Jesus to make it possible for people to go to heaven. Contrary to some people’s mindsets, law and grace are not contrary to each other.

They are not mutually exclusive. Grace offers salvation from the penalty of the law, through the righteousness of Christ. It preserves both the honor and the majesty of the divine law and government, while giving life to those who have violated the law and rebelled against the government of heaven.

Grace is not emancipation from the law, but it is emancipation from sin and from the penalty of the law. Grace provides salvation not by canceling the requirements of the law, but by cooperating with the law. The law condemns the transgressor; grace meets the penalty and sets the sinner free. Grace honors the law by presenting the perfect obedience of Christ in place of the sinner’s disobedience. Grace does not lessen the authority of the law, but recognizes and maintains its authority by satisfying its claims. Grace forgives, but it leads those who have been forgiven to serve God in newness of life, according to His righteous will. Grace delivers the sinner from the condemnation of the law in order that he or she may obey and honor the law by a new and holy life. The Christian is to “grow” within the sphere of God’s grace.


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