Jesus never allowed anyone to follow Him. This is an interesting point to take note of. Someone once asked Reverend Ike how many followers he had. He replied, “I hope I have none,because I’m not teaching people to be followers. I’m trying to develop individuals to become masters.” That’s the perspective we must adopt. You follow me as I follow Christ. There’s no sense in following me. I want you to become me. Jesus said, These works you shall do and greater works than these (John 14:12). Why are we going to be doing great works? Because you’re going to reach a point that you will no longer need to follow Me, because you will have become Me.

What is the goal of Christianity? To become like Jesus. Each open door you face, you call God to tell you “Lord, what is your will? Let your will be clear.” Instead of choosing, according to what you know about the Lord, you ask God. You want to shift the responsibility to the Lord. However, from the moment you were called, Jesus has been calling you to become like him.

Each choice you make after you became a believer should shape your character into becoming more like Jesus. You want to let the will of the Lord be done, and you already know it, then why are you still asking God for sign of some sort to choose your path? Becoming like Jesus is about making the choices Jesus would make. It’s about thinking the things Jesus would think. Saying the words Jesus would say. Loving the people Jesus would love. Serving the people Jesus would serve.


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