So the masses are looking for a leader to follow. That’s why this is not for a Gerber platform. That’s why we don’t ask for a $10, $20, or $25 seeds here. When you start sowing at a certain level, the level of revelation that comes through heaven is different from what you  received when you were sowing just a $20 seed on a regular Sunday morning.


Most churches cannot hold their members past the lunch hour. I don’t even want to  preach in churches where people have me on a clock, and you know they have Denny’s on their mind. If they are thinking about their dinner reservation, I don’t want to preach there. When you become a master, you’ll stay until the appointed time has arrived.



Is the Sunday service just a side thought to your day? Can’t you dedicate your time in the service to God? Can’t you focus your entire being on the Lord during the service? Why is your mind already wandering? Why are you already checking your Facebook or Instagram accounts?



If you are distracted, you cannot hear God speak. Have you ever tried speaking with someone who is on their phone constantly? You feel you’re not connecting because that’s the thing — you cannot connect with someone who is distracted.


Move in the spirit. Be the person who is obsessed with the Kingdom of Heaven. I’m not talking about people who are obsessed with doomsday or the end of the world. We don’t need to try to be predicting when that would happen; what we should be concerned about right now is accessing eternity from right here, from this side of heaven. How come?

Because eternity is in your hearts (Ecc. 3:11), and you are right here on earth. If you are so consumed about your day to day hustle, you are just being a physical person distracted by the desires of the flesh. When you choose to stop, to acknowledge, and actually give premium to your spiritual self, you will notice that everything is meaningless (Ecc. 1), if it’s not aligned with the Kingdom of God. You will finally find what your soul is longing for, and it starts with your intention to master your spiritual life.


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