Masters operate on their own level. Reverend Ike, at a certain level, got frustrated with

the masses because he had already crossed over into a new dimension. His eyes had already seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. He was trying to leave here more than 10 years ago because

he felt like his work was done. He even said it. He told me personally, “I have written my letters

that I will write to you from the other side, son.” In 1998, he began to talk about the invisible side of life, and I talked with him about it. He would say, “Son, the action is not over here.


The action is in the invisible side of life.” I said, “Reverend, the invisible side of life?” He said, “Yes. Everything that happens, happens from the other side. It happens from the spirit.”  That’s where Reverend Ike got the revelation that “I AM money” is the highest form of money. He said to stop chasing after the material, and that that which is in your wallet is not money. It is the form; it is the output of the energy of consciousness, which is you.



Everything happens in the spiritual realm before it can exist in the physical realm. If it did not exist in the spiritual realm, it won’t exist in the physical realm.  In the image and likeness of God, you are also a creator. Living in this physical world for so long, you have simply become a consumer. It’s time you realize your true identity as a creator, and become creating what you need and what you want in the spiritual realm. As you operate in this dimension, you will see life in a very different manner.



God is removing the blinders now, isn’t He? He is removing whatever is causing you to be limited, whatever is causing you to feel broken, whatever is causing you to be weak, and He is replacing it with spiritual power that only comes from a true relationship with the Word. What is the word? “I AM.” What is your “I am”? What “I am’s” have you been living in that you need to let go? It starts by letting it go in the spiritual, before you can see it manifest in the physical realm.


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