Money moves people and changes thoughts, so it is not money as we think of money, but the power source for changing reality. When money comes into your hands, it creates the awareness of possibility and creation. This changes thinking, which eventually brings about change in the material world. Change like new businesses, new homes, new organizations that aid the needy, and so on. You cannot move forward from a position of believing you need money; if you think you need money, you will always live in want. You must feel the money in your consciousness as something you already possess before you have it in your hands. Only then will it come to your hands.



It’s a very practical tip, isn’t it? However, your physical mind is rejecting this truth. How come? It’s too easy. You’ve been thought to break your backs in order to survive and to eat three square meals a day. You’re still thinking and understanding this, as if a slave would.

Stop doing that. No matter how much wealth comes in, if you are still thinking from this perspective, then there will always be lack.



Do not live in lack. Do not live in want. You must feel and live in the abundance of God. This truth must be exposed. The enemy has been trying to deceive you into thinking there is lack in this universe, when it is the craziest thing you can ever believe. Feel the money in your consciousness — there is an abundance in the spiritual realm. You already have it. Your spiritual self already possesses a lot; money is not even an issue anymore. The only thing left is for you to believe. What did Jesus say in the face of disbelief? He said, “Don’t be afraid; just believe” (Lk. 8:50).



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