Reverend Ike would also say, “Son, I am teaching you to become a money master.” Touching the masses means touching poor people, because a mass-consciousness is the gathering of poor people. It’s a common place that needs a common anointing. When you’re talking to the masses, you have to be watchful of what you say. When we look at the scripture, who do we see Jesus preaching the gospel to? The poor. You preach the gospel to the poor, but you disciple the rich. You never, ever, ever, ever teach masters in masses. It’s unlawful.


The people of today’s church, instead of becoming masters of money, have become masters of the poor. I don’t like to associate “mastery” with “poverty.” Today’s leaders of the church have become babysitters of a common class. When you babysit, you are surrounded by a room full of milk and diapers.


Churches have to do a lot of things. They provide childcare provisions, parking lot attendants, ushers, etc. A lot of maintenance is necessary when you are managing crowds and large groups of people. But notice that Jesus was able to strike a balance. He fed the multitude.


He turned the water into wine. He multiplied the fish and the loaves. He healed. He touched the poor. But most of his time seemed to have been spent with his disciples.

When we look closely, we see that the lessons He taught the disciples are not the same lessons he taught the masses.


Wealth exists in the spiritual realm. It is the spiritual masters who are able to call forth this wealth into their reality. Jesus focused on discipling the few because he knew that not everyone’s spirit person is ready to learn the ways of the Kingdom of God. If you are reading about this, then it is a privilege for you.


God is making a way for you to master your spiritual man for you to learn how to call forth your spiritual riches into the world. Without a true relationship with Jesus, you cannot have access to this truth. It might feel uncomfortable, but stay with it. It is because you’ve been used to the ways of the world that something that should be natural to you become alien. The spiritual realm has become strange to you, when the abundance of the Kingdom of God should feel like home.



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