Generally speaking, when a prophetic revelation is more dramatic or more specific, the more important it tends to be. Others have the misconception that the higher the level of revelation, the greater the ministry of the prophet. The level of revelation is more related to the greatness of the challenge of the task God wants the prophet to do, rather than the importance of the revelation or the level of authority of the prophet.

As prophets, when we go through periods of time without receiving much revelation, especially when we have been praying for high-level revelations, we should be at peace with our ministry.

Prophets need to learn contentment and use these “slow” seasons to sink deeper into their roots in the Word of God into sound Biblical truths. These prophets must view these seasons as a time to prepare for what the Lord is going to do in the ministry, instead of beginning to doubt one’s prophetic gift.

In the Bible, Joel 2 and Acts 2 share with us how the last days require a higher level of prophetic revelation. The increasing difficulties in our generation show how the end times are needed.

It is in these end times and difficulties that the people of God need more clear guidance. Thus, prophets need to be grateful for these seemingly “slow” seasons. The Lord’s timing is perfect, and the prophets must use this season to get clear about what Scripture says. A prophetic revelation is never given for establishing doctrine. The Bible already accomplished this, and it is considered canonically perfect. The prophecy in the written Word of God already serves this purpose. At the root of many heresies and false teachings, we see it birthed through a prophetic revelation, better termed as a false prophetic revelation. Thus, a prophetic revelation is designed to reveal the strategic or tactical will of the Lord, not impart doctrine.


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