The New Testament prophet does not only fellowship with other prophets. They are also committed to the whole team of equipping ministries in Ephesians 4. They become a vital member of a local church. The basic purpose of the prophet in Ephesians 4 is to help equip the saints for the ministry, and not just to prophesy. It is the basic purpose of the saints, which includes the prophets, to be a functioning part of the body.


The purpose of the prophet is not primarily to help people grow in the prophetic ministry and gift, but to grow in their relationship with Jesus. This relationship does include growing in their spiritual gifts and receiving prophetic callings. But individual believers must primarily grow in Christ, and not just their gifts. In order to fully accomplish the purpose of the prophetic, prophets must have a vision for the Body of Christ. They must be vitally connected to it and committed to maturing the believers in their local churches.


The vehicle for helping the people of God grow is the church. Mature prophets are not so impressed by spiritual gifts and experiences. Instead, they look for the fruit. What is the kind of life they are living? What kind of leaders are they being? What kind of leaders are they producing? A prophet’s ministry is fruitful when this ministry is turning people to the Lord, not to them. The character and nature of Jesus Christ is demonstrated and imparted.

According to Rick Joyner, “The most successful people in every field are those who do the basics best, and this is no less true of ministry. The most basic of all for us is that we love God above all, and we love His people.”

In the New Testament, John is considered one of the most powerful prophets because of the extent of revelations that were given to him. However, if you look at John’s gospel and writings, what is his main point? Love. His basic message was to love God and to love one another.



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