A lower level of revelation is received through sensing impressions. Most prophets start with a gift of discernment. This gift operates in different ways for different prophets. There was a story of how Oral Roberts could feel what was wrong physically with another person when he put his hands on their head. On the other hand, there are other prophets who focus on a person, and start to feel things. These feelings are impressions—a lower kind of prophetic revelation.


Through these impressions, prophets can bring about a physical healing process miraculously. However, if you think about it, physical healing is the easiest kind of healing. When a prophet is moving into the realms of emotional or spiritual healing, the gift of “a word of knowledge” often works with discernment. This gift pertains to the knowledge of something we could not know naturally. For example, some prophets remember something they did not experience, but the other person did. Prophets who stay focused can be given a word of truth about the situation that can set a person free from the consequences of the event.


If you desire to receive a revelation from the Lord through impressions or word of knowledge, request this of the Lord and record the date when you made this request. Record the date the Lord gave you a prophetic revelation.


Date Answered:

What did God reveal to you, and how did He do it?


Experience the Power of Prophecy as a gift to open your mind to receive the Mind of Christ.



Declare a prophetic word of protection and wisdom over the Office of the Prophet of your church.