Substance Use 

Another outcome of having absentee fathers is the risk of abusing alcohol and other drugs. According to a 2006 study on fatherless African American boys, those who came from a home without a father were more likely to use drugs than boys who came from a home where a father was present. A father’s involvement can be a protective factor against child and adolescent and substance use.  

Based on the current situation, attention needs to be directed toward preventing fathers from leaving their homes. On the other hand, society must provide the necessary support to father-absent households. While children who are caregivers raised in a father-absent home would not experience such dire situations, we cannot ignore data.

Childhood Obesity 

Children with higher body mass indices (BMI) are also more likely to come from father-absent homes. Children and adults can experience this. The father’s parenting style can predict the child’s obesity later on. Fathers who were present and used a more authoritarian parenting style had children who were physically fit than those whose parents were sporadically involved. Mothers’ parenting styles had little to no effect on fitness and obesity levels.

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