God wants us to abhor our sinfulness, specifically from our idolatrous worship. Anytime we did not worship the Lord, and attributed glory to something other than God, we are being idolatrous. Withholding the tithes and offering are guaranteed to be idolatrous acts, because instead of giving it to the Lord, we keep it for ourselves or we give it to others.


Judgment has been stated, and every man who would not bring in their offering can go back and serve their idols, but suffer the wrath of God. The impending judgment would cause a separation. The future would belong to the people of God.

39 “ ‘ “People of Israel, the Lord and King says, ‘Go, every one of you! Serve your gods. But later you will listen to me. You will no longer treat my name as if it were not holy. You will not offer sacrifices to other gods anymore. (Ezekiel 20:39)


It was a stern warning. The people are to be purified by judgment. They are to offer their tithes and offering, and they shall be acceptable to Jehovah as a sweet smelling aroma. In them, they are a holy people, newly consecrated to God, and recipient of God’s glory and holiness.

How do you smell to the Lord? It may seem like a funny question. But are you bringing the offering, and are you sending up a sweet savor scent unto the Lord? In other words, are you pleasing God?


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