In Ezekiel 44:30, the prophet declared how the best of every first share of the people’s crops — in other words the first portion of the people’s income — belonged to the priests. On top of that, all their special gifts — the târumah. The people must give the priests the first share of their ground meal. The word “then” means there is a condition. If-then is a cause and effect statement. Even in the absence of “if ”, a then would imply an effect, from a cause. What would cause the Lord to bless the people’s families? It’s bringing in the first share and the special gifts.

30 The best of every first share of the people’s crops will belong to the priests. So will all their special gifts. The people must give the priests the first share of their ground meal. Then I will bless my people’s families. (Ezekiel 44:30)

God is a good God who gives the best for those who are in the forefront of His ministry. Why are people so insecure in giving the priests the best and the first of their fruits? The Lord is only asking people to give a portion of what He blesses them with, not the entire thing. The Lord is the One who provides for people so that they can be obedient. If the Lord has not blessed people with anything, then there is nothing to tithe nor to offer.

The Lord’s economy is very simple. He is saying, “I will bless you, and you contribute to My work on earth.” The Lord is saying, “I will provide for your târumah, and if you are faithful, my blessings would be upon you and your family” It’s a win-win. God provides for the blessing, and when we give the portion He wants back, He rewards us for it. It almost seems silly how God makes it so easy; how He rewards us for bringing back something that belongs to Him in the first place.


If it’s so simple enough to obey, how come a lot of people are still failing in this area? How come people are still reluctant givers? How come people do not believe in tithing?

Sadly, these are the people who mistakenly take pride in their income, thinking they are the one who caused their salaries into existence. It is this self-pride and self-dependence that truly causes people to sin by withholding what God is telling them to give. They believed Satan’s lie that they must keep whatever they make since they are the ones who worked hard for this money. If they give, nothing would be left for them. They believe the lie that the pastor is just after the people’s money.

As in the Garden of Eden, when people doubt the Lord, Satan succeeds in stealing, killing, or destroying something from the person who doubted the Lord. When people doubt God, the blessing is forfeited — Satan successfully steals the blessing. When the believer continues to doubt the Lord, Satan kills the person’s faith. When the believer gives up hope because of poverty and lack, Satan destroys the believer’s future. Don’t fall into the trap.



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