The list of gifts for the priests that the prophet gave was concluded with a final motivation, which was to ensure that the divine blessing was on the Israelites’ houses. There is a correlation between the faithfulness in offering gifts to Yahweh, with the priests as His earthly representatives, and that of the blessings that Yahweh gave for His people. The people’s own wellbeing was ultimately dependent on their own choice to be generous.

How many times have you personally chosen to be stingy when it comes to the work of the Lord? I won’t doubt you had valid reasons, like an unexpected sickness in the family or your car broke down, which is why you thought you needed to hold on to your tithes and offerings in order to make ends meet. However, what resulted from such a decision? Was it followed by seasons of abundance? Or, did hard times follow?

God may allow breakdowns to happen to challenge our giving. If we surpass the temptation to withhold the tithe and the offering, we are promised with prosperity. We are promised with God’s blessings. We are promised with so much more than what we may be tempted to keep for ourselves. When we allow breakdowns or negative circumstances to define our generosity, it shows we trust our own ability. We need to look pass what we are currently experiencing, and look to the Word of God. He is faithful, and His Word is true. When you obey it, as in Deuteronomy 28, we are promised blessings that are beyond what the current circumstance requires.


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