Only the best of the first fruits is for the priest, the rest is for the offerer. When the entire crop is excellent, the offerer is still abundantly blessed.79 If you think about it, if you are blessed with a million dollars, and you give back as your tithe and offering about $125,000, and you keep about $875,000, would you complain? A number of people do. They think about losing $125,000 when they have not stopped to be grateful about what they have been blessed with. Are you the kind of person who is reluctant to give the Lord the $125,000, or are you the kind of person who is grateful to have $875,000? Your heart in this choice significantly matters to the Lord.

At the end of the day, the Lord loves obedience. The blessing would come and abide upon the obedient and their families. There would be blessings of many kinds for the one who is willing to sacrifice a portion of what He makes according to the Lord’s commands. The One who knows the riches of God’s grace would willingly and joyfully do this. Conversely, when you don’t know God, you’ll probably lose sleep over any amount you put in the offering box.




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