You must not let yourself be limited by the accomplishments or failures you had before. Let them inspire renewed commitment in the possibilities for the future of humanity. Be the space by which humanity can be changed.


The possibility of transformation lives in a moment of individual choice. Once we break free from the limitations of the conversations of the “It can’t be done” and replace them with conversations for “What if,” “Could we,” or the “Why not?” There is power in the kind of conversations we will allow on our space.


Do not simply live for the validation from others that your life matters. Instead look for how you can personally become a driving force for generating an opening, a new possibility for humanity, and a shared responsibility for the future of our planet.


What is the most powerful leverage you have for transforming the face of humanity? The power of transforming and shaping what we are is your best chance at making a difference in this world. Your commitment is sufficient to the task at hand. Lifespring (n.d.) leaves a resounding message to us in this endeavor: “The gift that you are to us and to one another makes up a rich, joyous, diverse, and transformed world.”



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What are the mindsets that are limiting you from being a “Space” by which humanity can be transformed?