Smothermon (1982) talked about untransformed relationships and how personal jealousy can cause commitments to fail. Transforming humanity by becoming the space for transformation means we take out jealousy from our system. Jealousy exists in a world that works for you or me. It does not belong to the space wherein the world works for you and me.

Most of the time, we are jealous because we feel “incomplete.” We tend to bind others with us in a relationship in order to feel complete. This intention is not selfless. Instead of your expressing your willingness to be served, this state of mind pushes others to serve us. In this scenario, one person’s gain comes at the expense of another person’s loss. This problem is born out of jealousy, insecurity, and possessiveness (Smothermon, 1982).

Jealousy kills the opportunities for commitments to become real and meaningful. Let me share here three ways on how we can eliminate jealousy in our lives. First, we have to be the masters of our emotions. Remember that we must not be guided by our emotions instead we must be guiding our emotions. We have to act and decide out of a sound mind and not with unstable, ever-changing emotions. When you are jealous, you are saying that you are powerless and limited. Jealousy is a content-generated mindset.


Second, you can understand that it is not always about you. Remember that the people in your life also have a purpose. The world does not revolve around you. Do not dwell too much on yourself, your desires, your feelings, or your thoughts.

Think about it. Planets do not collide with each other because they know that all of them revolve around one sun. Each of them respect and do not cross each other’s orbit. Like the planets, we ought to respect other people and their individualism, as well as their purposes.

Lastly, we must constantly remind ourselves of who we are. We are bought with a price (1 Corinthians 7:23), co-heir of Christ (Romans 8:17), a child of the King of Kings (John 1:12). With these shared identities that we have in Christ, who are we to feel insecure?



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How can you be generous today and overcome your selfish tendencies?