Going back to the discussion from the previous chapters, salvation started at an individual level. As something within you is transformed at an individual level, you start to form a relationship with God. You begin to pray for the salvation of your household. Your school, community, and workplace soon become your inheritance for you to claim and win for the Lord. Where you are is your mission field. You do not have to be sent as a missionary overseas to share the gospel. You can start in your sphere of influence.

But the thing is, the bucket does not stop there. As you share the gospel with a friend, classmate or officemate, the change that you influence does not stop with them. The power of the gospel will spread because you committed to share it. As your friend, classmate, or officemate begin to experience transformation in their hearts on an individual level, they too will begin to pray for their own households and for the people in their own spheres of influence. This is how humanity is transformed.


You do not have to share the gospel with one thousand people personally to bring about transformation in this world. You only have to commit to sharing the Word of God to one person. You only have to live a transformed life and the people in your school, your offices, your communities will be able to see the light that you possess with this changed life. Once they see this light, they too will be influenced. They too will experience the transformation that you have experienced on an individual level. Connectedness. Humanity is transformed through the power of connectedness.



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