Do not stay stuck in the comfort zone of the familiar and the ordinary. The sure way to live a dissatisfying life is to stay within your comfort zone because you are scared to take risks. You and I live in a day and age wherein “tried and tested” assumptions are bound to be challenged by new discoveries, mindsets, and paradigms. There is a demand that we transform our surroundings and ourselves that is consistent with what is possible for humanity. If you are brave enough, you can give birth in your mind limitless possibilities.


You live in a generation wherein you must embrace your own creativity. You must take responsibility for many views and to share your own insights. You can go against fixed and immutable systems. You can create breakthroughs for your life and for humanity.

While it is true that at any given moment things “are” the way they are, we have only began to learn that no one moment dictates or ordains the next. Our future is not confined by the present nor the past. At every moment, each of us has a choice to transform what is possible in the next moment of our lives. The discipline of transformation is about learning to shape our world in a way that supports and complements our commitments and vision. This work is grounded on the premise that action is not random, but rather is determined by what we see as possible and what we intend to achieve. If “reality” is molded by action that springs from our view of the world, it follows that shifting that view is a powerful leverage point in altering action and, with it, the face of the world. You might say that the point of transformation is not to change the image we project, but rather to alter the lens through which the image is seen. In fact, the transformation that alters society, organizations, and relationships begins with a transformation of ourselves. (Lifespring, n.d., Possibilities: The Future of Humanity)

So you see, it is not as much as being able to influence a great movement in society today. It starts for an intimate and personal shift. It begins from drawing upon your own unique and irreplaceable power in the world to make a difference. What we intend to achieve here is a shift in the character, composition, and structure of who we are, as individuals.

There are aspects to our individuality that we cannot change. However, we can choose the context by which these unchangeable facts are held. We have the power to free ourselves from fixed, rigid, and inherited realities. We can take on for ourselves one that promulgates a vision of the future, instead of being confined and struggling with the limits of the past.


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