The Test of Obedience and Faith

God evaluates human leaders based on their obedience and faith. Albeit, Moses was disqualified from entering the Promised Land, and Saul, condemned for disobedience, faced the consequences of not trusting in God. On the other hand, Abraham was considered a model of faith because of his unwavering obedience (Gen. 22:1-18). In each case, their obedience and faith were assessed based on their response to God’s commands.

God’s Work Through Wise Human Actions

God often works through wise human actions. All things considered, Proverbs 10:3 assures us that the Lord will not let the righteous go hungry, while Proverbs 10:4-5 demonstrate that this provision occurs through diligent human actions in gathering the crops. Similarly, Proverbs 2:8 reveals that God guards and watches over the way of his faithful ones, while Proverbs 2:11 states that prudence and understanding guard and watch over the wise. In both instances, God works through human activity.

Unlocking the Power of Personal Prophecy and Prophetic Word

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