No One Can Stand Against the Will of God

Joseph’s story teaches us the importance of choice, especially when facing betrayal. His choices, driven by faith and hope, led him to a position of power in Egypt. Although people may betray us, choosing to rise above defeat and enslavement paves the way for our promotion.

Emphasizing divine control without acknowledging human action could reduce us to mere puppets. However, God created us with free will, not as robots. The Lord was with Joseph, but his faith in God made all the difference. Similarly, we must choose to have faith and hope in every situation, no matter how painful.

Our choices make us accountable for our actions. As Joseph’s brothers faced the consequences of their betrayal, they eventually admitted their responsibility (Gen. 42:21-22) and refused to repeat their offense (Gen 44:18-34). This test of repentance and growth needed to be completed before Joseph could initiate reconciliation with his family.

Joseph’s narrative emphasizes both divine providence and human responsibility. While God’s guidance and appointment are central themes, our choices and accountability also play crucial roles in fulfilling our destinies.

Finding New Hope

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