Divine Protection in Times of Pain

Despite the harm and pain that betrayal causes, God protects those He loves. God allowed Joseph to be betrayed by his brothers but ensured his safety. Reuben intervened when Joseph’s brothers planned to kill him (Gen. 37:21-22). Though Reuben’s motives might have been self-serving, God used him to prevent Joseph’s death. Too many things “just happened” to fall into place for Joseph.

The Perfect Timing of God’s Providence

Judah suggested selling Joseph as a slave (Gen. 37:26-36), while Reuben’s plan fell through. The Ishmaelite traders appeared at the perfect time to deliver Joseph to Egypt (Gen. 37:28). His life could have taken a different path if he had been sold to different traders. Joseph was sold to Potiphar, the captain of the guard, which was no coincidence (Gen. 37:36). In Potiphar’s household, Joseph gained valuable managerial experience and learned from his master.

Finding Safety in the Arms of Divine Providence

God meticulously arranged everything so Joseph arrived precisely where he needed to be at the right time. Though Joseph was a slave, he was safe in the arms of divine providence. Separated from his earthly father, his heavenly Father was with him the whole time.

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