Odors come from things that are burnt on the altar. God distinguished giving as a “pleasing aroma”. The metaphor for the sacrifice is a sweet smell. A sweet smell that was acceptable and pleasing to the Lord.


“Pleasing odor” appears more than 40 times in the Bible, which shows us how God makes it a point to let the offeror know that He is pleased with the aroma of the offering. Why is the aroma of a sacrifice important to God? Why does He even notice the scent of the offering?

How does your offering smell to the Lord? I’m sure you already know the answer to this question. Only the offeror really knows if the offering will have a pleasing or a displeasing aroma to the Lord. He or she will know it because the offeror knows the status of one’s own heart. Aside from this person, it is only God who truly knows the depths of one’s heart.

Would it be God or Satan who would be pleased with the smell of your offering? There were offerings that were made to false gods in Ezekiel 6:13, and this had a pleasing aroma to the idol, but the smell of the incense displeased the Lord. God demands that we worship Him alone. Any offering that is made to any other object of worship sends out an offensive smell to the heavens.

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What is the smell of your tithes and offering to the Lord? Do you think the Lord will be pleased — did you give your very best?