While many of us talk about what is happening right now, or we dwell on things that happen in the past, it’s more powerful to talk about what can happen in the future.

When we talk about the past, there is nothing that can be done because it has already done. But when we talk in the future, anything can be said. There is power in future conversations. If conversations can be related to a road, our past conversations are dead ends, while our future conversations are those that have “under construction” signs with them. And when we declare prophetically, that road under construction is built according to the direction we declare it to be, little by little.

Prophetic declaration enables us to rewrite the future. Know that for every problem, there is already a future written about it. Take for example a company that is not reaching its financial targets and whose products don’t sell anymore. For that specific problem alone, the future includes people’s assumptions, their hopes, fears, cynicism, resignation, and lessons learned on past experience.

What would you rather hear someone say, “I am praying for restoration for this family” or “This marriage sucks”; “I forgive you” or “I have been hurt too many times in the past before”? How will this transform the situation y0u are in?

Not only does the Book of the Month Club provide a pathway to rewriting your future with wisdom and insight, it also sets you up to be in attendance at the Spring Session of Prophecology 2018: Birthing House: The Latter Rain, February 23-25, 2018.









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